Summer/Travel Essentials 2017!

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Its been months since i’ve done a good blog post, and I can honestly say i’ve missed doing it so much! Even though im physically on “vacation” and have no obligations to think about .. I still always feel that I need to be blogging and enjoying the process.

This summer I’ve really found myself going for a more minimalistic look for my makeup (which basically means no eyeliner and almost no mascara), but in saying that I found a routine that really worked for me, and the easy look I wanted for summer. First of, without question, I must prep my skin. That prep-step can be different depending on my skins needs or my laziness. If i feel i need an extra something for a long day out ill always apply sunscreen and moisturizer (all in one product of course), and I always add a facial spray every day. The one I’ve really fallen in love with is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir for so many reasons! For summer, it has the most amazing cooling minty sensation on the face, and it smells unlike anything else.. its so calming and beautiful. The mist itself is also nice to spray, which makes the product even nicer!

My next step is to do my brows… somewhere along the way i picked up the need and want to fill in my brows. Im so glad I did! It makes a world of a difference just to have your brows on point. The brow pencil im loving right now is the NYX micro brow in Espresso. I have very black hair and a medium skin tone, so this warm dark brow pencil is perfect and it lasts a long time too.

Next up, I must apply blush. I would say blush is my secret weapon of choice … its magical. A little blush can change the way you appear and feel within seconds of a pink swoosh. I’m really liking the Essence Satin Blush right now, because it gives a subtle sheen and its a brightening pink shade for me.

After blush, I usually like to add a tint of a bright color to my lips, and right now I’m testing out the new Dior Addict Lip Tattoo. Now, i really do like this product it gives me that intense color i want while camouflaging into my actual lip color, but I find the lip tattoo is not so budge proof when it comes to the food test. Maybe I haven’t mastered how to wear it yet, but it hasn’t lasted very long for me the few times i tried it. It is, however a beautiful color (all of them are), very easy to wear, and almost hydrating. If i’m not wearing a tint, I’m mostly wearing a pretty gloss.

Last, but not least, I love wearing a simple eye look with just a few coats of the Benefit Roller Lash mascara (a holy grail product). Let me tell you… this mascara is everything I need! It lengthens, holds a curl, keeps my lashes looking and feeling natural, and is easy to remove – but doesn’t smudge off.

Thats a wrap on my summer essentials! What are your summer must haves? 🙂


In search of a product: Primer!

Where I live, in Dubai, the weather is extremely hot now and SPF is a must for the skin! Which is why, i’m in search for an SPF hydrating primer. I know it sounds kinda strange… but I really need a one stop shop to protect my skin, give enough hydration, and keep my makeup on for a good amount of time.

The primers which I initially wanted to try out were the Too Faced Hangover primer, and the marc jacobs primer because they both just seem really hydrating. I’ve tried the Nyx Angel Veil primer, which is pretty nice, but its not that great for the skin in the long run.

I found that Smashbox has an SPF primer, as does Nars, and Shseido. However, i have no idea which ones are actually worth it, and if they’re even hydrating enough for the day. I’d rather have a skincare based primer than one that is filled with parabens and silicone.. so its been a bit difficult to find this product as of now. Does anyone have any suggestions or product recommendations?

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great day 🙂

Drinking From a Copper Jug?

So I heard about these myths and facts about drinking from a copper jug, and they seemed very closely tied to old traditions in Asia. I found one in my closest Carrefour ( A supermarket), and thought I’d get one to try it out for myself. Even if it doesn’t have amazing properties, it still looks really modern and beautiful on your table. Of, course I had to research the said benefits of the jug, and this is what I found:

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Face Masks: Love Lettuce

My new obsession is to find the perfect face mask, and I think I found one that i’m going to be using for a long long time. Its no surprise that this mask is from Lush because I find that the Lush products in general are so organic and the closest to nature that you can get. I have pretty dry to sensitive skin, i think, and this mask is really great for that even if it doesnt say it’s meant for dry/sensitive skin. The real reason why I even wanted to try it out was because of its rating and the ingredients. Im sure you’ll feel the same way when you see the ingredients listed:  Continue reading Face Masks: Love Lettuce

June Favorites!


The past month has been super super busy for me because I’ve been travelling non-stop. However, throughout traveling I found myself reaching for these products most of all… except I would say the number item I used several times in a day was probably sunscreen.

When I travel I like to wear very minimal makeup because I know I wont have time for touch-ups or even to put on more makeup. To define my eyes I used the urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil in whiskey, which was perfect for those days when I just didnt wanna fuss with liquid eyeliner.

I cant go a day without blush, so I would either use one by Milani or this amazing blush in the new Rimmel Trio. The Rimmel trio (the darker one) has been so amazing because i used it to do basically all my makeup. I used it as a highlight, eyeshaddow, contour and blush … and it lasted a pretty long time!

My lips would get dry a lot so I finally got the chance to try the fresh lip balm in Petal, and I completely fell in love with the color and the formula… its the most moisturizing luxurious lip balm I’ve tried.

Thank you for reading! What were your favorites? 🙂

Sephora Haul

I finally got a chance to go to Sephora in New York, and I picked up some stuff I knew I wouldn’t be able to find easily in Dubai. I got…

  •  The origins maksimizer
  • Glamglow fizzy lip scrub 
  • Coola SPF setting spray 
  • Fresh lip balm in Petal 
  • Tarte blush in Exposed 
  • Urban decay naked skin concealer 
  • Urban decay vitamin setting spray 
  • And a clarasonic Mia brush 

So far I haven’t tried much of the stuff, but I really love the coola setting spray since the sun is always out. I also really love the lip balm because it really lasts a long time and hydrates my lips like no other. 

Thanks for reading!

My Travel Skincare   Products 

       Well I’m going to be traveling in just a few days, and it’s a pretty long flight from Dubai to the U.S.A. The products I’m taking with me are must have products for my skin. 

     For the plane and other days when I’m feeling extra dry, I’m taking my mini glamglow sleep-in face mask and my Kheil’s avacado eye cream. These products are so hydrating and plumping, especially for being on airplanes which dehydrate the skin really fast. 

    For everyday I’m taking the ponds day cream with SPF and an extra matte SPF by Benefit. For the nights when I need to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin, I’m taking Bioderma in a little bottle as well as a cleansing oil from The Body Shop, and a mini purity face cleanser by Philosophy. The reason why I’m bringing all three is because they’re travel sized and each one is necessary for different makeup or no makeup days. To keep myself refreshed throughout the day, I’m taking my Alba Botanics Lavendar Deodorant. 

What do you take with you while traveling? 🙂

Thank you for reading!