My Favorite Lipgloss Formulas! 2017

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I’ve always loved lip glosses a lot, maybe even more than a matte lip. This year, I found that the lipgloss trend is really coming back, and that makes so oh-so delighted inside. The only thing that bothers me about lip glosses is that they don’t stay on the lips long enough at all, so you have to keep re-applying them. Otherwise, they look amazing in photos cause they give your lips a beautiful sheen, and they make your lips look healthy and juicy. These are some of my favorite formulas that I’ve found.

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Benefit Lip Stains


I love a no-makeup day, but sometimes I like to add just a hint of color on my lips and cheeks. These Benefit lip stains are perfect for that effortless fresh look. The great thing about these lip stains is they can be applied on the cheeks as well, acting as a cream blush. They don’t dry out my lips at all, and they’re actually quite moisturizing.

They come in a red (benetint), pink (posie-tint), coral (chacha-tint) and purple (lolli-tint) stain. My favorite is definitely the Lolli-Tint because of how it compliments my olive/tan skin tone. The cha cha tint is also great because it has more color pigment than the pink one. The pink one, posietint, is great for a completely natural look. They’re amazing for the summer… plus they look super cute with a nail polish style brush applicator.


May Favorites!


Throughout the month of may, I’ve kept my look very natural and pretty with softer colors, less eyeliner and less mascara. Basically, im focusing on glowy, radiant and healthy looks for summer.

My #1 Favorite is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer because it preps my skin beautifully and makes it look like my skin is glowing and healthy. Without it, my skin tends to look very dry and tired.

Next up, I’ve been loving wearing blushes every day! My favorites right now are Charlotte Tilbury in Ecstasy (a glowy pinky-peach) and Nars in Gina (a light everyday matte peach).

To apply my blush I’ve been using the Sephora #54 multitasker synthetic brush because it has an angle, and it does not apply the blush too heavy. I love this as a blush brush because it doesn’t make me want to apply blush directly onto the apples of my cheeks.

For lips, I’ve been loving the new Juicy Shaker in Berry in love by Lancome because it has a tint of color and provides moisture through the mix of oil inside it. For a more matte look I love using the Nars Velvet Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita, which is a beautiful warm pink perfect for an everyday look. It feels like a balmy product, although the finish is matte.

Lastly, the mac Fix+ setting spray is amazing for the summer because it refreshes my skin and makeup from the glycerin in it.

Thank you for reading!  What were your favorites?


3 Eyeshaddow Palettes worth the money! 

kat Von D
Lorac Pro
Too Faced Chocolate Bar

   I’ve tried many Eyeshaddow palettes which are great, such as the Naked Palettes, but my top 3 palettes right now are definitely the chocolate bar palette by Too Faced, The Lorac Pro palette, and ofcourse The Shade and Light Eye Palette by Kat Von D. The formulas of each of these palettes are amazing. They’re pigmented, blend able, soft and buttery and beautiful shades. The Lorac Palette, of the three, has more fall out but it is extremely blend able. The chocolate bar palette is the more glamorous one because of the shimmers and jewel tones. The Kat Von D palette is the most amazing silky formula with all the neutral gleaming matte shades one could want, and it’s very versatile for everyday and any occasion. 

What are your favorite palettes? 


Effortless Three Minute Makeup


I consider myself pretty laid back when it comes to doing my makeup every day, or if i’m even in the mood of doing my makeup. There are a few steps i will occasionally skip, and there are some steps which I completely don’t include into my makeup routines. I don’t apply foundation because it doesn’t make my skin look any better, and I don’t apply powder since my skin is very dry.

To Prep: On a normal makeup day I always start by prepping my skin with my favorite moisturizer. Right now I’m loving the Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer, and let it get absorbed into the skin for a few minutes. Once that’s absorbed, i’ll apply a lip balm like maybelline baby lips to moisturize my lips a bit.

The Look: I like a very minimalistic, almost enhancing, makeup look. My favorite product to apply is highlighter and blush, so I start with the benefit watt’s up highlight on my cheek bones and the apples of my cheeks. Over top of that i’ll apply whatever blush my eyes are drawn to at the time. Right now i’m using the Tarte Amazonian blush in True Love around my cheekbones. I love a pretty flush of pink or coral! Next, I like to apply either a liquid lipstick or a lip balm. My favorite liquid lipstick is Lolita II from Kat Von D. It’s a beautiful warm apricot kind of color. At this point my look is usually complete, unless I’m applying a cat eye with the Kat Von D Ink Liner in Trooper. It’s the most amazing liner… easy and pigmented.

Thank you for reading 🙂



My Self-Pamper Routine

     On a day when I feel my skin isn’t looking its best, or maybe needs some extra love, I always set out some time to make my skin feel fresh. By doing so, not only do I feel fresh and renewed, but my skin also feels new. I start off by completely cleaning my skin with a cotton round drenched in Bioderma. Then, i’ll wash my face with the fabulous Origins GinZing face scrub with a puffy sea foam sponge or my hands. It smells very fruity and citrusy, which I love. After that, I’ll choose a face mask to let my skin enjoy for about 10-20 minutes. I usually either apply the Origins Rose Clay mask, their 10-minute Aloe Vera mask or their Drink up Intensive mask (which is an overnight mask as well). Then, while the mask does its magic, I’ll use a body butter on the rest of my skin. Right now i’m loving using The Body Shop butters, so i’ll apply generous amounts of either fuji green tea or mango butter on my legs and arms. By now, my mask is ready to wash off, so i’ll wash it off and apply a good amount of lip balm to feel completely refreshed and calm.  

My Favorite Cream Highlighters – Hush/Watts Up

Benefits Watts Up

I much prefer using a creamy highlighter over a powder, because it only emphasizes the point of a highlight. In my opinion, a creamy highlight adds to the dew and radiance. Plus, I have dry skin, so it looks and feels more natural on my skin. My favorites are Hush by Mac and Watts up by Benefit. Hush is slightly more pink, but very wearable for any skin tone due to its little bit of gold shimmer. That’s also why I love watts up! It has that little bit of gold that’s almost undetectable, with a pearly look. It applies beautifully with the fingers and the sponge at the back actually blends it out pretty well.