Artwork: Obsessed

I’ve been creating a series of paintings under the themes “identity” and “confectionaries”.

I love the idea that a piece of confectionary can represent us in many ways. You might call yourself a cake, a cupcake, a lollipop, etc. Each piece is made with different ingredients and methods, as are we. However, we share similar ingredients. Which is why a piece of confectionary can mirror humanity and our many sides of life.

This piece is called “Obsessed”, because it represents our state of obsession and addiction. We tend to attach ourselves to something and stick to it. We become obsessed.

This painting is a close up of an eye surrounded by sprinkles.


                My Art 

Dreams – A recent painting of mine

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved making art. Any kind of art. I mostly enjoy painting and drawing because it somehow gives me a lot of ease and makes me feel calm. I’ve been painting my entire life, and I finally feel that I need to embrace myself as an artist rather than a girl who loves to make art. I’ve taken art classes in school ever since I can remember, but nothing prepared me to love art more than my IB art classes. I love watching YouTube videos for inspiration, so I watch Lena Danya or Katharine Ward to inspire my paint brush to move. I’ve recently started painting in oil, and I’m finally getting the hang of it. I can’t wait to share my pieces and explain what they mean to me. My art is a true representation of many many aspects of my mind and my heart… Sometimes even my boredom. I honestly believe that talent is nothing without hard work and patience… So hopefully I never give up on my artwork.