My Favorite Lipgloss Formulas! 2017

My Favorite Lipgloss Formulas! 2017

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I’ve always loved lip glosses a lot, maybe even more than a matte lip. This year, I found that the lipgloss trend is really coming back, and that makes so oh-so delighted inside. The only thing that bothers me about lip glosses is that they don’t stay on the lips long enough at all, so you have to keep re-applying them. Otherwise, they look amazing in photos cause they give your lips a beautiful sheen, and they make your lips look healthy and juicy. These are some of my favorite formulas that I’ve found.

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Lancôme Juicy Shakers

          The Lancôme Juicy Shakers just released here in Dubai as a pre launch, so i grabbed the one I liked most. I got Berry in Love, which is a beautiful mauve, pink and berry tone which stains the lips beautifully. It’s very pigmented, but not so much that your own lips don’t come through, which is why I love it. The instructions are to shake it well before applying so the oils and the lip gloss inside mix well. Once it’s applied, with the softest most addictive applicator, it completely transforms your lips into new and juicy soft ones. The nourishment is so lovely, however it doesn’t last a very long time. I think its meant to be that way, because applying it throughout the day feels amazing. I can’t wait to spend my summer applying this lip product!