My Favorite Lipgloss Formulas! 2017

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I’ve always loved lip glosses a lot, maybe even more than a matte lip. This year, I found that the lipgloss trend is really coming back, and that makes so oh-so delighted inside. The only thing that bothers me about lip glosses is that they don’t stay on the lips long enough at all, so you have to keep re-applying them. Otherwise, they look amazing in photos cause they give your lips a beautiful sheen, and they make your lips look healthy and juicy. These are some of my favorite formulas that I’ve found.

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Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar

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Are you thinking about getting the Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar? Well I’m very new to trying out the charlotte tilbury products, and i wanted a sample of her brand in the most convenient way possible. I got this Naught and Nice Magic Box for 150 pounds (which is about 750 DHS) from

The full size items in this box are:

  • Matte Revolution Lipstick in Walk of Shame
  • Eyes to mesmerize in Jean (cream shadow pot)
  • Lip lustre lip gloss in unleash me
  • Color chameleon in Mesmerizing mink (cream shadow stick)

The mini items:

  • Full Fat Lashes mascara
  • rock n kohl eyeliner in Amber Moon
  • Goddess skin clay mask
  • wonder glow
  • magic cream
  • supermodel body
  • eye makeup remover
  • Multi-miracle glow cleanser, balm, and mask

      For me, I wanted to try out her skincare just as much as i wanted to try out her makeup so it made sense to me considering two of her skincare products together would be the same price as the box. I wanted to try the magic cream, the goddess skin clay mask, wonder glow, her lipstick, the cream shadow pot, the color chameleon, the mascara, and the eyeliner.

     I don’t have a complete review of all the products quite yet, but I thought i’d mention that I really do like the magic cream and it seems to last a good amount of time considering its a mini product. I also know that i will absolutely repurchase the walk of shame lipstick because the color is a perfect rose bud color for anyone and the texture is so comfortable for a matte. The eyeliner is very gel like and creamy so its also a favorite. I love using the eyes to mesmerize in Jean in my inner corners because it sets into place really well and has amazing pigmentation. I’m yet to try the other products, but i have no doubts that they will meet my expectations. If not, ill be sure to mention it.

Have you guys tried Charlotte Tilbury products? I’d really love to know your thoughts!


Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette! My thoughts?

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So… the infamous jaclyn hill x Morphe palette… I really do have a lot to say about it after playing with it for a few weeks and really testing it out. I knew as soon as it came out that I needed it because I honestly do think that Jaclyn knows how to make good products. This is quickly become one of my favorite go-to palettes now, and ill tell you why:

  • IT IS PIGMENTED – when i say its pigmented i mean it packs a punch with the tiniest amount of shadow on the brush, and its the same for every single color in the palette.
  • IT IS CREAMY – Theres no doubt that the shimmer shades are so creamy they could be foiled shadows if you add fixed plus, but the mattes are also super creamy and blend-able!
  • LONG WEARING- These shadows are the kind of shadows that almost stain the lids from being so pigmented and long wearing, which im ok with because they come off very easily with makeup remover as well. Without a primer, they seem to last a really long time on me as well – from day till night.
  • BEAUTIFUL JEWEL TONES – I love having jewel tones in an all in one kind of palette, because jewel tones are wearable on everyone plus they’re really vibrant and mesmerizing.  The jewel tones in the palette are: Royal Blue, Deep Purple, Aqua Blue, Jade Green, Bottle Green, Gold, Rose Gold.
  • WARM TONES – everyone loves warm tones right now, so i appreciate that there are so many shades of warm tones from mustard to red to brown. Along with warm tones there definitely are neutral tones too!

Needless to say, im falling for this palette. It makes me excited when i look at it and play around with it, and I cant wait to create some unique looks with it!

Have you guys tried this palette? 🙂


   One of my favorite past times is sketching in my black sketchbook, and mostly sketching eyes. I’m no pro, but that’s exactly why I keep sketching. Makeup and art are really the same thing, a true makeup artist is first and foremost an artist. I love the art of being able to draw a perfect eye liner flick on a sketch just as much as I love perfecting my own eyeliner. I’m really inspired by makeup artists, because they allow themselves to create art with the medium of makeup. 


                My Art 

Dreams – A recent painting of mine

    Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved making art. Any kind of art. I mostly enjoy painting and drawing because it somehow gives me a lot of ease and makes me feel calm. I’ve been painting my entire life, and I finally feel that I need to embrace myself as an artist rather than a girl who loves to make art. I’ve taken art classes in school ever since I can remember, but nothing prepared me to love art more than my IB art classes. I love watching YouTube videos for inspiration, so I watch Lena Danya or Katharine Ward to inspire my paint brush to move. I’ve recently started painting in oil, and I’m finally getting the hang of it. I can’t wait to share my pieces and explain what they mean to me. My art is a true representation of many many aspects of my mind and my heart… Sometimes even my boredom. I honestly believe that talent is nothing without hard work and patience… So hopefully I never give up on my artwork. 


My Perfect Trip to Lush 

       Lush is a trap. A beautiful, scented, nostalgic trap. Walking into a lush store can seem so overwhelming if you have no idea what you want. My first trip to lush was exactly that… Confusing. Now, lush is like my cave. I usually opt for the body scrubs and creams they have, sometimes I’ll use their shampoo or face masks as well. The main reason I go to lush is, ofcourse, for the bath bombs and the bubble bars. I don’t have a bath tub, which lessens my lush experience, but the bath bombs still work really well in my shower. They make my whole bathroom and room smell incredible and I get to smell something beautiful while I take a shower. The bubble bars are more fun because they do create a lot of bubbles and have stronger scents. 

My top picks would have to be … 

  • Creamy candy 
  • Karma 
  • Twilight 
  • Yoga 
  • Golden wonder 
  • Comforter 
  • Ultraviolet 
  • Frozen 
  • Big blue 

But if I could only choose one… It would be creamy candy! 

What are your favorites? I’d love to know!