Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette! My thoughts?

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 2.56.57 PM

So… the infamous jaclyn hill x Morphe palette… I really do have a lot to say about it after playing with it for a few weeks and really testing it out. I knew as soon as it came out that I needed it because I honestly do think that Jaclyn knows how to make good products. This is quickly become one of my favorite go-to palettes now, and ill tell you why:

  • IT IS PIGMENTED – when i say its pigmented i mean it packs a punch with the tiniest amount of shadow on the brush, and its the same for every single color in the palette.
  • IT IS CREAMY – Theres no doubt that the shimmer shades are so creamy they could be foiled shadows if you add fixed plus, but the mattes are also super creamy and blend-able!
  • LONG WEARING- These shadows are the kind of shadows that almost stain the lids from being so pigmented and long wearing, which im ok with because they come off very easily with makeup remover as well. Without a primer, they seem to last a really long time on me as well – from day till night.
  • BEAUTIFUL JEWEL TONES – I love having jewel tones in an all in one kind of palette, because jewel tones are wearable on everyone plus they’re really vibrant and mesmerizing.  The jewel tones in the palette are: Royal Blue, Deep Purple, Aqua Blue, Jade Green, Bottle Green, Gold, Rose Gold.
  • WARM TONES – everyone loves warm tones right now, so i appreciate that there are so many shades of warm tones from mustard to red to brown. Along with warm tones there definitely are neutral tones too!

Needless to say, im falling for this palette. It makes me excited when i look at it and play around with it, and I cant wait to create some unique looks with it!

Have you guys tried this palette? 🙂


2016 Favorites + 2017 Goals

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great year, and have a great new year. 2016 was a whirlwind of a year in so many ways for everyone, and 2017 is a new beginning for us to accomplish our goals and learn more about ourselves.

2016 wasn’t filled with a lot of new beauty products for me, but I do have some favorites that I couldn’t put down.

  • L’oreal Sculpt mascara
  • Tarte Blush in True Love (natural pink shade)
  • Nars Blush in Gina (Light and Peachy)
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte revolution lipstick in Bond Girl
  • Fresh Lip Balm in Petal
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Dim Light
  • Highlighters in general 😛
  • Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper
  • Tea tree oil from The Body shop
  • Lush bubble bars: Creamy Candy and Karma
  • The Body Shop body scrub: Strawberry
  • Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Wet Hairbrush
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume
  • Bioderma
  • Kiehl’s ultra facial cream and eye cream

Im sure there are more, but that’s what I remember for now 🙂

For the new year, in 2017, I want to set some goals for myself which I truly want to be able to tick off at the end/middle or beginning of 2017.

  • Upload weekly on my youtube channel
  • Post more blog posts on my website
  • Fill up a sketchbook with all my drawings and art
  • Use up makeup products before buying more
  • clean and cleanse my room more often
  • take better care of my skincare
  • Try to eat cleaner
  • Be kinder
  • paint more oil paintings for myself
  • Get my drivers license!

What are your goals for the new year? I hope you achieve them!

How I clean my brushes/sponges…

        I admit I don’t clean my brushes as much as I probably should, but when I do clean them it’s always the same way. I usually clean my brushes once they start looking like they’re holding too much product to perform well. Also the color gives it away. I love usuing a little rubbery plastic type brush cleaner because it’s super efficient and it keeps my hands clean too. The products I use to clean my brushes are the beauty blender solid soap, and sometimes I’ll use a creamy hand soap or cleansing oil. The beauty blender solid is the fastest thing though… it’s by far my favorite right now! 

What do u guys use to clean ur brushes/sponges? 🙂 

Makeup Brushes I Love!

Like any other makeup lover, I love collecting makeup brushes and experimenting with what each one can do for me. The ones I really can’t do a nice clean makeup look without are the following:

  • A Blush Brush
  • A small powder brush
  • A fluffy crease brush
  • A flat headed brush
  • A tapered crease brush
  • An extra fluffy brush

When doing an intense or normal eye look, a fluffy crease brush is so important to get rid of harsh lines and blend colors perfectly, while the tapered crease brush is perfect to pack on color in the crease while blending it in specific areas. A flat headed brush is extremely useful to pack on color onto the lid, so that there is as much pigment as possible as well as less fall out. An extra clean fluffy brush on hand is always useful to blend everything out throughout the creation of our beautiful eye looks … and of course we need a powder brush to swipe away any fall out or add a highlight. The blush brush I sometimes also use to highlight, but the perfect blush brush only needs to be swiped on the cheek with no effort because it knows what to do 🙂

Thank you for reading! What are your must have brushes?


Purple and Gold Glam Eye Look!

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.18.32 PM.png

I recently got my hands on the beautiful Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette, and I have to say im inlove with it! The colors are exactly what I would want in a palette because theyre mostly warm and bright. The best part about the palette is her textured foiled shadows which I used in the middle of the lid and the inner corners.

On my eyes:

The Huda Beauty Palette

  • Bossy
  • Coco
  • Rose Gold
  • 24K

I also used nyx ultimate palette for the bright purple on my lids

The mascara:

  • L’oreal False Lash Sculpt (my favorite)
  • Mac Extended Play on the bottom lashes

For my next post I want to post about the Huda Beauty Palette and what I think of it so far.. I also posted a mini review on my instagram page @makeupbymisha  and if you wanna see the palette and all the colors in it.

I hope you enjoyed this post because I loved experimenting with a glam look for a change  🙂


Brow Gels!


Im not much for maintaining a certain brow look or even setting my brows, just because I feel it doesn’t really make a difference to my face. However, these brow gels are completely fuss free and tend to keep my brow hairs looking more neat throughout the day. The Maybelline Brow Drama, in the color Deep Brown, is an easy to use brow gel that doesn’t add a crazy amount of color and sets the brows very nicely for the whole day. The Benefit Gimme Brow mini size in number 5 is a bit dark when first applied so i like to take off the excess before using it. The wand is a bit smaller, which allows for more precise application, and it also sets my brows for the whole day with a little extra color.

what are your favorite brow products? 🙂

Lashes and Glitter! 

It’s been a festive month for me, and sometimes I like to keep my glam looks very natural looking but still glam by adding glitter or shimmer to my eyes. 

Over here I lightly added a taupe brown on the corners of my eyes as well as under my eyes for some definition. I decided to use the urban decay moon dust Eyeshaddow in cosmic which looks extremely shimmery and beautiful as the light hits it. On the left eye I also used the urban decay glitter liner in distortion for that sparkly green look. I still can’t make up my mind which side I preferred more… 😛  

And finally for my lashes I used the l’oreal false lash sculpt mascara on my upper and bottom lashes.