Super easy, fresh, and glowing.

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Do you ever just wake up and think, “I don’t really wanna make an effort today?” Thats pretty much me on the weekends, so I love moisturizing my face really well with a glowing cream that smells good, topped off with a super glossy and pretty lip gloss, and a bucket load of my favorite perfume.

On this day, I chose to use the charlotte tilbury mini magic cream as my prep and glow, along with my Fenty Beauty glossbomb. I topped it off with the Miss Dior perfume.

What I love about this look is that its so minimal and effortless, but let me tell you it doesnt mean you dont look good. Glowing skin and juicy plumped lips? YES PLEASE! I love switching up my perfumes everyday, but I also love sticking to the ones I love. Miss Dior is one of those perfumes I will never stop using. EVER. It’s a classic beautiful scent and it inspires me.

What are your favorite scents? 🙂



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