Drugstore Makeup Haul 

I’ve been meaning to pick up and try these products for a while now, and I’ve finally caved and done so. 

I’m about to travel in a few days, so I wanted to get the highlight/blush/contour from Rimmel. It’s so beautiful and perfect for me because I can use the contour and highlight as an Eyeshaddow as well. Plus, the contour is matte! The packaging is also gorgeous. 

My next stop was nyx. I picked up a vibrant royal blue liquid eyeliner, a lip pencil in natural, a gold eyeliner, a contour and highlight stick, and two matte cream liquid lips. 

Lastly, from borjouis I got a 1 step nail care sponge in a little container. It makes the nails shinier and nourished. It also smells pretty good. I love this product already! 

Thank you for reading! 🙂 


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