The Most Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Formula!

The makeup forever Aqua Rouge Liquid Lipsticks are designed for Olympic swimmers. Which is why, the formula is at a completely different league from all other liquid lipsticks. It comes with a setting gloss to hydrate the lips after application. The gloss doesn’t take away from the matte aspect of the liquid lip either … Which is great. I wore this formula for a whole day and it didn’t come off at all! It only started to come off when I ate food with a lot of oil in it or if I tried to remove it with an oil cleanser. Otherwise, they do not budge. It’s amazing. The colors aren’t the best, but the formula is absolutely incredible. I have two colors: #4 and #14. 

#4 and #14 respectively

I will say, though, they strongly smell of baby wipes. The reason I even picked them up was because I swatched them on my hand at Sephora, and I seriously could not remove them when I got home. I urge you to swatch them as well, and see if you’re easily able to remove that swatch. 😉

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