Holy Grail Mascaras! 

Too Faced – Better Than Sex
Benefit- Roller Lash
Mascara dreams actually do come true. I’m not a big fan of wearing mascara all the time because I can never find the formula that does what I need it to do. I like a mascara that gives me volume and seperation … Sometimes length. Also, I need my mascara to last a long time and photograph well. Personally, I feel an old school mascara wand with a brush tip is the way to go. I tried out the too faced mascara and completely fell for it because of its false lash effect on my eyes. Sometimes I don’t even have to put on eyeliner because it’s so black and defines my eyes just as well. The roller lash doesn’t give me a lot of volume or definition, but it definitely separates, curls and fans out my lashes for a more everyday kind of look. Not to mention it lasts forever on my lashes, and it’s budge-proof. At the same time, they’re both fairly easy to remove if removed with a facial oil/oil cleanser/or bioderma. 

Ofcourse my hunt for Mascaras will never end, but for now I’m loving these! 



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4 thoughts on “Holy Grail Mascaras! ”

      1. I think the original one is “kinda” waterproof I mean i showered multiple times with the mascara one and I didn’t came off too much


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